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Thank you for coming to see my bilingual picture books in English/Spanish that I’m happy to write for kids. I hope that my work leaves something positive in your memory. Welcome!

C.V. Monterrubio, author

C.V. Monterrubio


Book cover of Do Whales Poop?


Based on recent research by different marine biologists and packed with natural science, this fun book will let its readers know exactly how important whales are to the survival of the ocean and humans. Bilingual picture book Spanish/English.

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Book cover of On Tiptoes


A book with a double cover and two stories that tells the real life and challenges of Sasha De Sola, principal dancer of the San Francisco Ballet, and a second fictional story about a boy who falls in love with her and ballet. Bilingual picture book Spanish/English.

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Book cover of The Tree


A peach tree recounts its experiences as it grows from a seed into tree, observing the human and animal life around it. Narrated in the first person. Bilingual picture book Spanish/English.

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Book cover of Pequeño Manual para la Vida


A small book that includes the main ideas and tools of the path of life from a spiritual perspective. It shares ideas, keys and tools that help anyone to flow more easily in life. Book in Spanish.

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C.V. Monterrubio’s bilingual picture books are shared with audiences at events and presentations in Mexico and the United States.

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In the 21st century, books can expand beyond their paper and ink. Enjoy the bilingual picture books by C.V. Monterrubio in different videos and audios in Spanish and English, read the articles and reviews and connect with social media.

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