Welcome to the page of my Spanish/English children’s books on video

Do you want to hear Sasha De Sola read her story in English as narrated in “On Tiptoes · De Puntitas”? Or how about listening to Jaime Díaz (ex-dancer and now dance coach) read the story of the boy from the other side of “On Tiptoes · De Puntitas”?

You can also listen below to “Do Whales Poop? · ¿Las ballenas hacen popó?” in English as you watch the illustrations directly on the video. You will hear a whale song!

Because they are bilingual picture children’s books in Spanish/English, the videos in this page are in English. Visit the Spanish section of the site to find the videos in Spanish. Remember to use social media responsibly, and if you are under 13, work together with a responsible adult.


C.V. Monterrubio reads “Do Whales Poop? · ¿Las ballenas hacen popó?”

Voice in English, subtitled

Video shows the original illustrations of the book

Sasha De Sola reads “On Tiptoes · De Puntitas” – A side (her story)

Voice in English, subtitled

Read in person while showing the book illustrations

Jaime Díaz reads “On Tiptoes · De Puntitas” – B side (story of the boy)

Voice in English, subtitled

Read in person while showing the book illustrations


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