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C.V. Monterrubio is an author of bilingual books for children and short stories. Born in Tenochtitlán, now known as Mexico City, she lives in Northern California with her husband and dog. She recognices herself as a cis-gender woman, mestiza, Mexican and “chilanga” (from Mexico City) by birth and conviction. She’s always loved to read and is forever thankful that her mother, father, and maternal grandpa always provided her with books. She loves big libraries and bookstores, and prefers physical books versus digital ones. She created her first stories and characters at the age of six, and wrote her first poem at thirteen. She believes in respect as a universal rule, and loving and doing for others what you would do for you (“the golden rule“). She’s a human in evolution. She writes, thinks and rants in Spanish and English from a young age. She’s very impopular.


Because I have an “auntie” soul and I have a lot of fun in “kid world”. I’ve been a teacher to children 5 to 10 years old and I have some nieces, nephews and even grandkids.

Yes. Sasha De Sola is still a prima ballerina from the San Francisco Ballet, and she told me her story from early childhood until the year I wrote the book (2018).

No. To learn about Sasha’s world, we got together a few times in San Francisco to talk and do some creative work together. I also attended rehearsals and presentations, and read about the history and terminology of classical ballet.

The story on the reverse cover of the book about a boy is a fictional one. I didn’t give him a name so that the reader can do that. Gabriela, the illustrator, got the inspiration for his look based on several male dancers and a person she cares for a lot. Some kids have mentioned that he looks a bit like the Hernández brothers Isaac and Esteban, famous ballet dancers born and raised in Mexico who now dance in the London and San Francisco Ballets.

I have several, can’t have just one. From the classics that I read as a kid I loved (in no specific order): “Little Women”, “Heart”, the collections of “Choose your own adventure” and “Solve the Mystery”, “Neverending Story”, “Momo”, the complete works of E. Allan Poe, G. Khalil Gibrán, Rainer M. Rilke, and the poems and prose of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Jaime Sabines, Pablo Neruda, Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I’ve lost many books along the years but luckily libraries still exist.

His name is Max, but almost everyone calls him Maxi. His life story is an adventure worthy of telling, so stay tuned for it.

It depends. I’m bilingual in my daily life and I read in both languages, so when I’m researching for a book, I usually begin writing in the language that my research was written on or my interviews were made on. Believe it or not, I also dream in both languages!

Producing and publishing my own books means I’m responsible for coordinating the teamwork (the illustrator, the editor and the manufacturing and printing of the units) and all the legal aspects like copyright registry. There have been many challenges but they’ve taught me a lot. The biggest one for sure was the first book I produced because I had no experience in the matter so I had to learn it on the path to make it.

Children’s books are usually categorized by different age groups because the amount of words and their complexity correspond to the interests and learning processes of their target audiences. The reason I notify of the age restriction is to help my readers navigate their content according to their age and criteria. If you’re a kid, I’m sure the blog content won’t be of interest, but you can check out the books on video in media.

It’s a good way to reduce the carbon footprint of the content I post online. Remember: erase the emails you no longer need to help reduce your carbon footprint!

The events are scheduled as they come up, and since March 2020 they’ve all been virtual/online. You can find out if something comes up at the Instagram @ontiptoes.depuntitas or @bookbankusawhere we post upcoming events.


Book cover of Do Whales Poop?


Based on recent research by different marine biologists and packed with natural science, this fun book will let its readers know exactly how important whales are to the survival of the ocean and humans. Bilingual picture book Spanish/English.

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Book cover of On Tiptoes


A book with a double cover and two stories that tells the real life and challenges of Sasha De Sola, principal dancer of the San Francisco Ballet, and a second fictional story about a boy who falls in love with her and ballet. Bilingual picture book Spanish/English.

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Book cover of The Tree


A peach tree recounts its experiences as it grows from a seed into tree, observing the human and animal life around it. Narrated in the first person. Bilingual picture book Spanish/English.

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Book cover of Pequeño Manual para la Vida


A small book that includes the main ideas and tools of the path of life from a spiritual perspective. It shares ideas, keys and tools that help anyone to flow more easily in life. Book in Spanish.

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