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No one does it alone. BBU Publishing is my small publishing company. It’s a one-woman enterprise, but it is also the teams that come together to create each book, audiobook and videobook, plus the people that help me bring it into the world with pictures, website and presentations. I am deeply thankful to all, and I especially want to thank the following individuals for being an active piece of my books’ success and my life’s happiness.

The family I originated from, starting with my wonderfully wise, loving and patient Tita† , to whom I owe so much of my happiness, balance and peace of mind. My abuelo Manuel† for steering me towards books from a young age, ushering me to use my capacities to the best of my ability. My abuelo Gustavo†, always so fun, loving, and willing to be a grandpa. My abuela Carmen† for teaching me to stand up for myself, be of service and take no bs. My father José Jorge†, for being a great dad, my hard-core supporter and cheerleader. My mother Patricia Verónica, for giving me every flavor of our many mother-daughter moments but mostly I thank you for your love. My sister Gina, for sharing the load and building a snowman with me.

My extended and adopted families have also been very supportive and they have helped me in little and big ways which all have made my work possible. My husband, Andy Kluger, for his love and for having my back since we were just friends to well into our years of being together. My stepfather Eduardo Ramos, my godparents Pamela & Juan José González and Manuel (TPD) and Alma† Avila, for loving me like a daughter. My uncle Rodrigo Avila, for being there and loving me like a baby sister. Marco, Marlene and Ander González, for always cheering for me and coming to see my book presentations. My aunt María Luisa Fernández and my cousin Carmen Rangel for reading my books to their grandkids. Manuel Omar and Diego Avila for working so hard on my videos and everything they’ve ever helped me with. Jon, Tash, Micah and Elijah Kluger for their reader’s POV and their loving and support. Debbie Zuberi and her extended family for always sharing my books with their children and including me in their tribe. Max, for being the best dog ever.

Working teammates of BBU Publishing, in order of appearance: Tania Pineda, Alina Gabriela García López (Alina Galo), Brian Gause, Bea Lieberman, Adriana Cortés-Gómez, Katia Hernández, Julieta González, Natalia Gurovich, Barbara Lande, Dawn Adams, Gabriela Carsi, Laura Atkins, Leila Halsband, Claudia Navarro and Citlali Zamora for the printed books. Sasha De Sola for choosing me to narrate her young ballerina story. Orson Ramírez, Juan García, Marta Turok, Patricia Verónica Avila, Santiago Cárdenas for the audiobooks, and Manuel Avila and Diego Avila for the videobooks. My marketing teams: Romi Kiriadre, Jeanette Kwok-Cole for websites, Citlali Zamora for 360 graphic materials, BAMF!s Antonio Serrano, José Antonio Gómez and his team for my book pictures and BBU / BBUP logos. Claudia Astorga and the team at Grupo Fogra for the printing services.

The non-profit women Ana Peña, Coral Gómez, Carolina Hernández, Diana Acevedo, Raquel Guerra, Verenice Pérez, who helped me in turning my vision to literal fruition with their professionalism, dedication and their loving care for our beneficiaries. Every elder and child that participated in our Germinating Ties program: you created magic.

Friends, past and present: Citlali Zamora, Katia Hernández, Orson Ramírez, Eduardo, Andrea, and Jorge González: thank you for being there through thick and thin. Maima Frausto for teaching me how to rock it on “instagram live”. Mariana Orraca for my portrait pictures, Adalina Contreras for hosting my book presentations at her tile store.

The institutions and the people in them that have shared their spaces with me to bring my books to audiences in the USA and Mexico: San Francisco Public Library, El Paso Public Library, Children’s Fairyland, The Mexican Museum, Alley Cat Books, Book Passage, Books Inc, Bookshop West Portal, The Littlest Bookstore, Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair, Biblioteca Vasconcelos, FCE Rosario Castellanos, Casa de la Cultura AGS, Museo Rodadora CJS, CANICA de Oaxaca, Plaza Hilvana and Centro Seis.

The professionals that heal me and help me keep my body, mind and spirit in top health: Belem Fraire, Gabriela Godínez, Dra. Faviola Huerta y Dr. Manuel G. Avila.

And the other professionals that help me with the administrative bits: my accountant Ivonne Gutiérrez for keeping my Mexican taxes paid, BBU’s Hanne B. and Cherry S. for storing and receiving my books, Tammy Hull for keeping my American taxes paid.

I’m eternally grateful for everything all of you have done for me and my books. Namasté!